How-to diagnose CAN-based Cyphal networks via Yakut

Learn how to run the OpenCyphal Yakut CLI tool - which can be used for diagnostics and debugging of Cyphal-based networks - on Pika Spark's CAN interfaces.

How-to control Robotis Dynamixel via Pika Spark's RS485 interface

Learn how to control the widely known Robotis Dynamixel servos using Pika Spark's galvanically isolated RS485 interface. Since the RS485 interface is directly connected to the application processor a seamless control of the RS485 interface (incl. automatic setting of DATA ENABLE/RECEIVE ENABLE) is possible.

How-to obtain a BNO085 IMU’s attitude and visualize it via ROS

Learn how to obtain data from the powerful BNO085 9-DoF IMU via Arduino Portenta X8, convert and publish the attitude estimation as a ROS IMU message and subsequently visualize the data using ROS visualisation tools such as Rviz2.